Winter Dress Infographic

I was asked to recreate the infographic from NOAA with a different art style.  Original design from NOAA: A stock art was used for this project for pose reference. After adjusting: Adding clothing: Adding background and environment:   Final:

The Opioid Crisis

Pill bottle illustration was created using simple shapes in AI. Same style elements for the newsletter. Final poster and newsletter.  

Work-Life Balance

Behind the scenes The left part (Work scene) was created based on real FOH office space: The right part (Life scene) was created using a stock photo.     Final illustration   Unused renders

360 Degree VR 3D scene for office space

How I did it: Found a floor plan on the site, took a photo of it, and using it to to scale the model so I don’t have to measure everything 🙂 I took some panorama photos using my iPhone to capture the detail: This is a small office space that is still getting renovating, so there is […]

Low-poly Ceiling Medallion for Animation

Made a 3D How-to video about installing a ceiling medallion for my client,  with only one low-resolution image of the product. Software used: Sketchup (Free version) & V-ray(Trial)

Cheap & Easy Tool Cabinet

Only scrap material are used here, even the hardware is recycled ones. Highlight the crack in the walnut wood with yellow resin.

Wooden Hand Plane

Made myself some wooden hand planes with store-bought blades, work as well as the premium ones I have in the shop. David Finck’s book is a must buy.